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Opacity 3.0
|||||||||||| Opacity 3.0 ||||||||||||
- Added HWiNFO sensors for version 5 and above
- After Install Right click rainmeter icon and choose layouts [CORETEMP] [HWINFO] [HWINFO-V5]
- Default plugin installed for HWINFO-V5
Older version is in the resource folder -- Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Opacity\resources\
Copy HWiNFO.dll to \AppData\Roaming\Rainmeter\Plugins\

|||||||||||| Opacity 2.3 ||||||||||||
Theme youtube…
- added Fonts Folder with popup menu on leftclick - choose any of the 13 Fonts
rainmeter wil refresh after you choose a Font
|||||||||||| Opacity 2.2 ||||||||||||
- added Themes Folder with popup menu on leftclick - choose any of the 13 themes
rainmeter wil refresh after you choose a theme
|||||||||||| Opacity 2.1 ||||||||||||
- added 5 new different skin themes
|||||||||||| Opacity 2 ||||||||||||
Updated theme with HWinfo sensors
- HWinfo

Maybe You will need to update the HWiNFO IDs included in "Documents|Rainmeter|Skins|Opacity|SETTINGS|" to match the IDs for your system. To do this:
1 - ensure HWiNFO is running, with sensors and shared memory active
2 - run the included "Documents|Rainmeter|Skins|Opacity|resources"HWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer.exe" file - you can also launch this by clicking the Mainboard skin
3 - find the sensor reading you need (CPU Usage for example) and get the ID at the bottom right
4 - edit "" to replace the provided ID with the ID for your system
5 - refresh the skin

For additional information, please see the following thread:…

- added 2 layouts
layout Opacity_CoreTemp - doesn't use any HWinfo sensors - its the same as before
layout Opacity_HWinfo - you can uninstall coretemp

- changed CPU Frequency to CPU Fan speed
- added fade effect on startup and refresh - to enable this choose variants firefox skin "folderFadeEffect.ini"
refresh doesnt work its disabled by default

enabled HWinfo sensors
- audible HDD temp warnings - edit "IfAboveValue=55" - Removed audible HDD space warning
- CPU Load hyperthreading on/off - choose skin variants for your setup..example hwinfo4coresHTon.ini or hwinfo4coresHToff.ini
- Ambient temp
- audible Northbridge temp - edit "IfAboveValue=75"

----left mouse click skins----
- MainBoard - opens HWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer.exe

- HWinfo plugins are included - you can also find them in the resource folder
- to adjust fade timing effect - right click rainmeter icon - choose "edit settings" add or change the settings
Group=All | NFade - these wil stay Visible after fade

Group=All | Fade - these will not
middle mouse on ram skin will activate fade effect

- added dual gpu folder for sli systems

|||||||||||| Opacity 1 ||||||||||||
made a vid for this theme…

- audible GPU temp warning - edit "IfAboveValue=79" to change
- audible CPU temp warning - edit "IfAboveValue=75" to change
- audible HDD space warning - edit "IfAboveValue=89" to change
- HDD read/write

- CPU skin - 2,4,6 cores - right click skin and choose variants

left mouse click skins
- CPU skin - opens taskmanager
- GPU skin - opens msi afterburner
- Ram skin - opens control panel
- Network skin - router acces - change it to your router ip
- Recycle bin skin - left mouse opens - right mouse empty bin

- 8 different skin themes located in "Documents|Rainmeter|Skins|Opacity|IMAGES" just extract the theme you want and refresh rainmeter
- psd files are in images folder
- group fade with sound effect - middle mouse on ram skin will activate it

- create your own audible warnings here - - i used damien
- shortcut links change example - ButtonCommand=!Execute ["????????????????"] to ButtonCommand=!Execute ["D:GamesSteamSteam.exe"]
- right click a skin and choose "edit skin" to change settings
- to edit shortcut or cpu name - edit Text="?????" under [MainTitle] in skins

- CPU and GPU skins need "msi afterburner and coretemp"
- GPU plugins are included - but here is link anyway -…
- msi afterburner…
- CoreTemp

original skin here - 7Aero Suite 1.4




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